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Can I create my own personal or business web page? 

Not only can you - We encourage it! All our Personal and Business accounts include 5 MB of disk space for your web pages. We hope you will take advantage of the space that you have available and develop a page that reflects your interests or your business. Include anything that you want except indecent material or links to such sites; not because we are making any moral judgments but because incoming accesses would require too much bandwidth. We also ask that you not advertise businesses on your personal account.
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How can I create my own Personal or Business web page?

The first step is to create your home page on your computer. It is probably best to use your notepad text editor to start with until you become familiar with HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the programming 'language' used to develop web pages. If you need a good basic tutorial on HTML I suggest you start here. After you become familiar with HTML you can switch from using notepad to one of the many HTML editors available on the web. Check out TUCOWS selection. There are also some WYSIWYG editors (pronounced wizywig and means What You See Is What You Get) that do the programming for you. Name the file that you created 'index.htm' on your Windows 3.1x computer or 'index.html' if you are using Win95. 

Here is an excellent example of a personal home page. This guy is a friend of mine and as you can tell he has put a lot of work into his page. I keep this page book marked and use it often - I suggest you do the same if you are interested in personal computers.

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How do I upload my web page?

Start your FTP client and connect to our server.  WSFTP can be downloaded from our software section or you can download an FTP client from TUCOWS .

- If you are using WSFTP name the profile BISI

- Host Name/Address enter: 

- User ID: use your user name that you log on to the Internet with.

- Password:  same password that you log on to the Internet with. 

Once connected, change to your /public_html directory on the Remote System (our server) and find the file(s) that you created on the Local System (your computer). 

Copy the file from the Local System to the Remote System by clicking on the arrow pointing to the Remote System

Name the first page of your web site index.html (use lowercase letters for all your web files)

Once you have uploaded, your page is ready for viewing.  The address for your web page (URL) will be '' where user name is your user name. Don't forget the ~ ! If you run into any difficulties or have any additional questions, email the Web master. We'll be glad to help. 

To have your Business, Non Profit or Personal web page listed, email us at Web master and we'll be glad to include your page! 

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Can someone create a business web page for me? 

Certainly! We'll design and maintain your business page for you for a very reasonable price. Drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be glad to discuss your needs and our services. There is some additional information on our Services page.

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Why do I get disconnected?
There are few reasons for disconnects to occur, one of the most common reasons is that your phone line has the call waiting service installed.  When you are connected to the internet your modem doesn't know how to interpret the beep that you get when you have an incoming call.  In most cases this will interrupt the communication between your modem and ours and cause a disconnect to occur.  To prevent this from happening double click the My Computer icon on your desktop and you should see this screen.

Next double click the Dial-Up Networking icon and you should see this screen below.

Next double click your connection icon, either BISI, KYOL or BCIS and you should see this screen below.

Next click the Dial Properties button and you should see this screen below.

Make sure that you have a check where it says "To disable call waiting, dial".  Also make sure that there is a *70, in the box to the left.  Another possibility is that your connection has been idle for longer than 20 minutes and your connection has been closed.  Anytime your computer has not sent or received any information within 20 minutes the connection is closed so that you do not accidentally leave your computer connected and tie up your phone line for incoming calls.  Some modems also require some extra settings particularly Rockwell HCF and LT Winmodems, extra settings for these modems can be found here

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When I try to connect it keeps asking for my password.
This is usually caused by either the user name or password being typed incorrectly.  Remember the user name is just as important as the password because it identifies you on are network.  Make sure that both the user name and password are typed all lowercase with no spaces.  Something I see quite frequently is the e-mail address typed in for the user name, this is incorrect.  The user name is always the part before the @ symbol.  For instance if your e-mail address is then your user name is just johndoe.  If you are having this problem the best thing to do is to backspace the  user name and password and retype them. 

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I have a 56k modem, why don't I connect at 56k?

All of our modems are set to connect at a maximum of 56k but  due to line impairments we find that some customers with 56k modems do not connect above 28800bps.  A 56k connection is classified as any speed above 33600bps.  We find that most of our customers with a clean telephone line and 56k modem usually connect between 37333bps and 53333bps.  Below is a sample of actual connection speeds taken on 5/8/2000 around 3:00PM.

S0   53333
S1   28800 
S2   52000 
S3   52000 
S4   28800 
S5   50666 
S6   46000 
S7   28800 
S8   45333 
S9   33600 
S10  28800 
S11  26400 
S12  33600 
S13  28800 
S14  26400 
S15  52000

If you have a 56k modem and do not connect faster than 28800bps it is most likely that your phone line does not support a 56k connection..  However there are a few other things that can be factor.  Does your modem support V.90 or K56flex?  These are the 56k protocols we use and your modem must support them to get a 56k connection.  V.90 is the current standard so make sure you have the latest software for your modem and that it supports V.90.  For more information visit or

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Why do I keep getting the message "page can not be displayed" each time I try to connect?

This is usually caused by incorrect settings within Internet Explorer.  More than likely you probably are not connected to our service and this is the reason the page can not be displayed.  To fix this problem double click on My Computer, and you should see this screen below.

Next double click the control panel and you should see this screen below.

Next double click on your Internet or Internet Options icon.  You should then se an Internet options window and there are a few different versions depending on which version of Internet Explorer that you have.  In either case you should see several tabs across the top of this screen. Click the tab labeled "Connection" and depending on which version that you have make sure that you have a dot in the circle for either "Connect to the internet using a modem" or "Always dial my default connection".  If you did not see either of these choices you probably have an older version of Explorer and may need to create a shortcut to your connection on your desktop.  To do this go back to your My Computer icon and then double click on the Dial-Up Networking Icon and you should see this screen below.

Next click one time on the icon for your connection either BISI, BCIS or KYOL.  Then click File in the top left and click where it says "create shortcut".  A message will pop up on your screen similar to the screen below.

Go ahead and click Yes and you should now have a shortcut on your desktop to get connected.  Use the shortcut to get connected to our service and then double click your internet icon to bring up your home page.  If you know that you are indeed connected and are still getting the same "page can not be displayed" message you should empty your temporary internet files and restart your computer.  To do this go back to your Internet or Internet Options icon in the Control Panel and depending on which version of Explorer that you have choose either the General or Navigation tab and you should see an option to empty temporary internet files.  Choose this option and proceed to restart your computer.

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When I try to connect I keep getting the message "The computer you are dialing into is not answering".

This is usually caused by one of two  things.  Either the number you are dialing is incorrect or your 56k modem requires some extra settings.  To check and see if the number you are dialing is correct double click your My Computer icon in the top left of your desktop and you should see a screen like this below.

Next double click on the Dial-Up Networking icon and you should see this screen below.

Go ahead and double click on your connection icon either BISI, BCIS or KYOL. And make sure the phone number you are dialing does not have a 1 or the area code in front of it.  Also make sure that  there are not any extra numbers listed.  Below are the dial-up  numbers that we currently have and one of these, depending on which area is local for you, should be present in the phone number box.

Nelson - 3486922
Taylor - 4659614
Bullitt - 9551651
Marion - 6999607
Washington - 3369114

One of these numbers should appear in the phone number box like this below.

Another reason for this problem is that your 56k modem might require extra settings to connect properly.  Each brand of modem has its own list of settings and depending on which modem you have will determine which setting to use.  To add some extra settings to your connection go back to My Computer and double click the Dial-Up networking icon and click once on your connection icon.  Click file in the top left and choose properties and you should see a screen like this below.

Underneath where it says "Connect using" should provide you the name of the type of modem that you have.  These are some extra settings to try with a few different brand of 56k modems.

LT Winmodem- s38=0 or -v90=0 or a combination of the two s38=0-v90=0
Rockwell HCF- AT+MS=V34 or AT+MS=K56 or AT+MS=V90
*Note these settings must be typed exactly as they appear here.

To try one of these settings click the configure button underneath your modem and you should screen similar to the one below.

Next choose the tab labeled Connection and click the advanced button in the bottom left.

Type in one of the extra settings provided in the empty extra settings box and click ok on each screen that you have open.  If these settings cause any problems with your modem simply remove the extra settings, this can happen if your modem does not support the setting you have typed in.

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I am having trouble sending or receiving e-mail what can I do?

The first thing to check is to make sure you are actually connected to the internet.  Try to open a web page you haven't been to before or just refresh the page you have open, if you get any error messages then you are probably not connected and need to reconnect to check your mail.  The next step is to make sure all of your mail settings are typed in correctly.  You can do this by opening Outlook Express and clicking on tools in the top as shown below.

From tools go down and click where it says Accounts.  From the accounts screen choose the tab labeled mail and you should see your mail account listed here as shown below.

Click one time on your account to highlight it and click on properties over to the right.

Make sure that you have the correct email address typed in.  Your email address is your user name followed by the @ symbol and the service that your connected through.  So if your user name was johndoe and you have service with KYOL then your email address would be  If you had the same user name and you were connected to Bullit County Internet Service then your email address would be  The next screen to check can be reached by clicking on the server tab towards the top and your screen should look like the one below.

Make sure, depending upon which service you are using, that you have the correct incoming and outgoing mail servers typed in.  Here are the correct mail servers for each area of service, use them for both incoming and outgoing.

BISI(Bardstown Internet)-
KYOL(Kentucky OnLine)-
BCIS(Bullitt Co. Internet)-

Make sure you type them using lowercase letters and no spaces.  Also check and make sure that the type of incoming mail server is POP3.  Further down on this screen make sure you have the correct user name and password typed in lowercase and no spaces.  The next screen to check is the on the connection tab. Make sure on this screen you have the correct connection selected either BISI, KYOL, or BCIS. When you are finished click apply and then ok and close the accounts screen.

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Why do I get illegal operation messages while using Outlook Express?

Illegal operations in Microsoft Mail Programs generally occur when one of the mailboxes (usually the inbox or the outbox) become corrupt. If this error message occurs immediately after entering the mail program the problem is probably your inbox. If the problem occurs immediately after doing a send and receive the problem is probably your outbox.  To fix your Inbox go ahead with the following instructions, to fix your outbox simply replace any instance of inbox with outbox.  To fix Outlook Express click on the start button, go to find and then files and folders and your screen should look like this.

Next type inbox in the Named box and make sure you have the  C: drive selected where it says look in.  Go ahead and click Find Now and you should see a screen similar to the one below.

Before proceeding note that this procedure will delete any messages that you currently have in your inbox.  Next click on the inbox.mbx file so the file name is highlighted and delete inbox.mbx by tapping the delete key on your keyboard.  Also click on the inbox.idx file so the file name is highlighted and delete inbox.idx by tapping the delete key on your keyboard. Close the find files screen and try your email again.

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How do I open an attachment in my email?

If you are using a Microsoft product, such as Internet Mail or Outlook Express, you double click on the "paper clip" in the message list and it will open the attachment. If you are using a Netscape product, such as Netscape Mail or Communicator, you go to the bottom of the message and click on the "link" to the attachment.

In Outlook Express version 6, all attachments are disabled by default for security purposes. Viruses are commonly distributed through email. To disable this security feature so that you may recieve your attachments, open Outlook Express, click on "Tools", click on "Options", click on the "Security" tab, and un-check the "Do not allow attachments to be saved..." box.
Un-check the second box in order to get your attachments.

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I've sent some email and it was returned to me.

Either the email address was wrong, or the computer at the other end was busy. Check you've got the email address absolutely right. It should be of the form Make sure there are no spaces or commas, as this will cause it not to be delivered. If the email system can't find the address you typed, it will send it back to you. It may be that the other person's email system isn't working, or is full. If this happens your message will be returned to you to let you know that it wasn't delivered. Just send it again and see if it gets through.

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